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API (application programming interface)

Updated: Nov 25, 2020


API software technology that refers to how multiple applications can interact with and obtain data from one another. Essentially automating the integration between companies.

Australian National Recoveries is ready to change the way traditional collection agencies operate.

Introducing ANR's New API Technology

Lets #worksmarter together to help you get your files across.

Often, clients ask "How easy is the integration process?"

Well, it's never been easier. Our developers have worked directly alongside ANR to configure the easiest integration of information between databases (API). a NEW and SECURED way of sending information to get your overdue's recovered. How does this benefit you? Here's how:

API Automation

  • Your database is able to communicate information to us, upload new cases and information on a REAL-TIME basis.

  • Information that needs to be sent on a daily basis - no longer needs to be sent manually.

  • You don't have to understand the technical stuff. Let our developers handle the API integration and personalisation of your setup with us - Cost free!

Australian National Recoveries developers closely work alongside our national clients to set up our API system. Having access to real-time information, data, and stats is fundamental to every successful business. Once a file goes overdue, it will be directly sent over to our system here at ANR to be actioned. With years of combined experience and client integration as a priority, ANR has what it takes to change the way collection agencies operate with our new API.

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