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Business Debt Recovery Services

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Business Debt Recovery Services

Our business debt recovery services each have a goal and plan for success. Through 18 years of combined experience in this industry we have created a system within Australian National Recoveries that is proven to work successfully. We have established a plan that works for all of our national clients no matter what industry they are in.

Commercial Debt Recovery Process:

The Commercial Debt Recovery Team manages disputes and the recovery of invoices billed from Building & Construction companies and all other unique commercial industries. A team of Officers and Solicitors work closely together on each case to ensure a legal recommendation throughout each step of the way.

Insurance Debt Recovery Process:

The Insurance Team actions files on behalf of insurance companies by managing their daily insured and uninsured claims and disputes regarding Motor Vehicle claims. Our insurance team is divided into 4 Sub-teams which include:

- Front line

- Negotiation

- Dispute Resolution

- File Loading and Skip Tracing.

Consumer Debt Recovery Process:

The Consumer team works with Leasing, Loaning and any other unique membership business’. This department actions each case using our effective standard debt recovery procedure. Our team establishes a relationship with your clients, handles larger volumes of files, and settle all accounts via Payment in full, Split-payments or Arrangement Plan.

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