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Commercial Debt Recovery Process

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Commercial Debt Recovery Process

Unpaid invoices may be one of the biggest challenges for businesses within the commercial industry. In Australia alone there are over 3.8 million overdue invoices owed to businesses around the country. Commercial debt also known as B2B or "business-to-business" debt can effect cashflow within a company. Businesses spend an average of 10% of their day (two full days per month) chasing these late payments. Commercial Debt Recovery Process may be needed to collect payments or invoices that can't be collected. Companies who experience late and missing payments often seek external assistance to follow up with their debtors.

Commercial Debt Recovery Process: It's ok to have extra help!

Research shows that 82% of businesses fail because of poor cash flow and what is the main cause of poor cash flow? Unpaid Invoices. A survey by CoreLogic shows that being paid on time may reduce stress for business owners by 60%. It will also help them avoid unnecessary debt and drive business growth. Cash flow is very critical, because it grants the ability to pay suppliers and staff, as well as profitability.

Commercial Debt Recovery Process and Why It's Helpful:

  • Allows Commercial businesses to focus on every aspect of the business, while the professionals deal with the debt.

  • Utulising additional services such as Skip Tracing, Field Calls and API.

  • Outsourcing can save time and money.

  • Commercial Collection Agencies can handle the whole process from Standard Commercial Debt Recovery to litigation (if necessary or instructed by client)

  • Collect on your behalf whilst maintaining business relationship between the client and their debtor.

Our Commercial Debt Recovery Process:

The Commercial Team manages disputes and the recovery of invoices billed from Building & Construction companies and all other unique commercial industries. A team of Officers and Solicitors work closely together on each case to ensure a legal recommendation throughout each step of the way. Australian National Recoveries closely work to understand our clients’ needs and how to represent them best.

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