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Australian National Recoveries: Insurance Recoveries

How are insurance recoveries handled?

Unlike other recovery departments, Insurance Recoveries require a deeper understanding of more than just accounts and customer service. Claims are handled with expert knowledge in essence of the Third-party Recoveries Insurance Code of Practice Guidelines, as well as the ACCC Debt Collection Guidelines. These are extremely important components that we consider when handling claims on your behalf. If you would like to review these Third-party Insurance Recoveries Code of Practice Guidelines & ACCC Debt Collection Guidelines, please click on the Secured links below.

Insurance Recoveries: Guidelines Insurance Recoveries Code Of Practice Guidelines ACCC Debt Collection Guidelines

Elements we use to maximise Insurance Recoveries

Timing Timing has a huge contribution to the outcome of insurance recoveries. Inevitably, Individual - at fault - third parties tend to give less attention to claims that have aged. As a result, we crucially advise our clients to immediately notify the Third party that they are being held liable for any losses or damages occurred as a result of an event to which they were involved in. Our Firm & Friendly approach Finding the right balance between being firm but friendly is a crucial and never ending cycle with each claim made. The delivery of the first approach by the insurance recoveries department is the most important as it will have the greatest impact on the third parties attitude towards the claim and our firm as a whole. Consequently, this will influence future third party behaviours. It’s all about finding that sweet-spot between being firm & friendly! Easy & available communication We prioritise catching each and every inbound call, email and other forms of communication. Having a strong communication system is essential as it is one of the underlying factors of Insurance Recoveries. We do this by shortening hold-times, attending to queued calls as quickly as possible, responding to claim related emails within the hour resulting in an effortless experience for the third party.

What if there is a dispute with a claim?

Generally, when there is a claim lodged against an individual Third-party, the likelihood of a dispute to arise is high - which is very normal. For instance, In Motor vehicle Insurance Recoveries, two parties may not always agree with who is liable for damages suffered to one's property as a result of a motor vehicle collision. Settling these claims will require our internal Dispute Resolution Department, which is tailored in such a way that systematically allocates liability with respect to; The relevant state’s road rules, Version Of Events form issued directly to the third party, damage(s) suffered on the property being claimed for and further investigation relating to potential nearby camera footage which may have captured the event. Additionally, any nearby witnesses that were present are asked to give their version of events - if they are willing to. The insurance recoveries officers also undertake an in-house traffic advisory which updates and informs insurance recoveries officers of any potential changes to traffic-law that may have occurred, in 6-month intervals. This is to ensure we have a powerful insurance recoveries dispute-resolution team when dealing with potential third party disputes, for instance, the most common dispute - “Who had the right of way?”.

How has ANR made the Insurance Recoveries client-integration process easier?

Usually, the integration and the flow of information between Recovery Agency and Insurance Company is solely dependent on a manual-sender and a manual-receiver. We’ve spent a large amount of time perfecting a system that automates the back-and-forth flow of information. For instance, suppose a newly referred case is due for immediate recovery action. What will our client need to do next? Nothing. The case is automatically uploaded and our Insurance Recoveries officers are already on it. Thanks to our API system, information can be passed on and received at a real-time basis, saving you the cost of a designated employee and eliminating any chances of potential human error upon data entry.

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