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Standard Debt Recovery Procedure

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Our Standard Debt Recovery Procedure includes:

Standard Debt Recovery Procedure
Debt Recovery Procedure

First demand

Default warning

Final demand

Solicitors demand

Email campaigns

Phone call campaigns

File loading

Agency fees

Letter fees

We will continue to chase the debtor for the moneys outstanding and notify you should he offer a settlement amount. We will also let you know once a payment plan is in place.

We collect the moneys on your behalf and is withheld on our trust account, your refunded money will be the amount recovered minus the % as agreed in commission base schedule.

Refund terms will be every two weeks of receiving payment.

Should there be a recommendation from our solicitors to take legal action, I will walk you through the process and notify you of the costs involved prior to taking legal actions.

Debt Recovery Procedure

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